Nursing Math Simplified

Online Course

Everything the student nurse needs to know is readily available at the site, but the emphasis is upon actual computations for medication and IV applications. The teacher/administrator website allows the nurse supervisor to see all quiz/final scores and, whenever necessary, view the actual problem taken with the individual's response. The learner can see quiz scores and receive feedback on each item, but has no ability to re-take a quiz or change the score earned.

Nursing Math Simplified, Math Magic includes:

  • All instructional examples are designed to show the complete process used.
  • Each exercise problem is accompanied by an answer that shows the entire procedure.
  • A ten-item multiple-choice quiz follows each set of exercises. Problems for each quiz are directly related to the matching exercise problems; they positively reinforce the learning.
  • Four forms of a final exam give ample opportunity for review and reinforcement.

We believe you will be impressed with its ability to assist your nurses with learning this type of material. If you wish to preview the program before making a purchase, contact H&H Publishing with your request.


Susan Garner Moore R.N., B.S. Ed.