Pre/Post LASSIs + Prescriptions

LASSI Prescriptions provide assistance for each of the ten LASSI scales. Each LASSI PLUS+ includes a pre and post LASSI to identify a student’s needs for improvement and ensure the prescriptions are beneficial for improving learning strategies at the college level. LASSI Prescriptions are the brain-storm of Claire Ellen Weinstein, founder of LASSI (Learning and Study Strategies Inventory). She believed that students could, given a small amount of information, act on it and immediately experience the value of applying it to their own studying.

For best effects, a student should:

  • take a LASSI and review the results,
  • work through those Prescriptions that match any weaknesses revealed, and
  • take a LASSI post test to confirm the weaknesses have been addressed.

There are 50 prescriptions (5 for each LASSI scale) that are designed to be brief, simple, and require the student to do something rather easy. The aim is to make each Prescription a 15-minute experience that is pleasant, interesting, and thought-provoking. That process is firmly rooted in the writings of John Dewey, Walter Pauk, and Weinstein.


The LASSI PLUS+ was developed by Claire Ellen Weinstein, Ph.D. and Taylor W. Acee, Ph.D.