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Life101 - School and Career Skills Inventory

Life101 is a self-assessment of skills which can help someone succeed in class and in the workplace. It allows students to evaluate where they stand on nine of these skills. There are no “right” answers for this self-assessment. It simply allows students to candidly measure some of their strengths and weaknesses in those nine areas. Based on their responses, Life101 simply gives teachers ways to focus instruction, and for students to develop and implement ways to modify where they stand on one or more of the scales.

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The Perceptions, Expectations, Emotions and Knowledge about college is a powerful assessment tool designed to help each student identify his/her ideas, attitudes, beliefs, and expectations about college.

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INCLASS assesses student attitudes and behaviors related to academic learning.

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WORKING provides information to the individual being assessed and gives teachers, trainers, and others a framework within which they can develop instructional and other learning activities.

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The Strategic Assessment of Readiness for Training (START) is a powerful assessment tool designed to diagnose adults’ learning strengths and weaknesses and to provide prescriptive information and guidelines for both trainers and learners.

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The Technology and Internet Assessment (TIA) is a nationally normed, valid and reliable, self-assessment of computer literacy skills. The TIA is designed to determine strengths and weaknesses related to a basic understanding of computer, Internet, and information technology skills.

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