Essential Study Strategies

Essential Study Strategies unilaterally addresses all students, newly out of high school or returning after years in the workplace, who want to be successful. Walter Pauk, renowned for his work in study skills, has given students a succinct resource, addressing the necessary tools for ensuring college success. Pauk’s prose is simultaneously motivational and informational, while underscoring the importance of personal action. The straightforward, conversational writing style appropriately reflects the tone of Pauk’s message — apply these techniques, take ownership of your learning process, and take action to ensure your success. Each copy of Essential Study Strategies comes with two LASSIs.


  • Chapter 1 Achieving Success
  • Chapter 2 Learning to Concentrate
  • Chapter 3 Your Memory
  • Chapter 4 Cornell Notetaking
  • Chapter 5 Classroom Lectures
  • Chapter 6 Textbook Assignments
  • Chapter 7 Putting Your Notes to Work
  • Chapter 8 Preparing for Exams
  • Chapter 9 Objective Tests
  • Chapter 10 Essay Tests
  • Chapter 11 Building Your Vocabulary
  • Chapter 12 Research Papers

In addition to many time-tested techniques such as goal setting, concentration and memory, notetaking and test taking, Pauk includes unique coverage of research writing and word histories. To help foster a relationship between personal enjoyment or intrigue and success, Pauk has included word histories as a methodology for engaging student’s interests and helping them build their vocabulary, the latter of which will help them throughout their college and professional careers.


Walter Pauk, Ph.D.