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LASSI College Version 3rd Edition (Web) LASSI Instructional Modules English
LASSI College Version 2nd Edition (Web or Self-Scoring) Mathematics Courses Mathematics
LASSI-HS High School Version Nursing Math Course Study Skills
LASSI for Learning Online Reading Course  
Bully Survey Writing Course

Workplace Preparedness

PEEK GKT Instruction The Mindful Worker
INCLASS PPST Instruction
OMA (Online Mathematics Assessment) THEA Instruction

Eight-Page Booklets

ORA (Online Reading Assessment) CLAST Instruction Cornell Notetaking System
START   College Success First Week and Beyond

Nursing Products

Seven Steps (Time Management)
WORKING Color Coding EKGs Writing a Term Paper
  Nursing Math Simplified Memory Power

Professional Resources

Redy Refs for Critical Care Nurses Online Student Success
From Access to Success Redy Refs for Medical/Surgical Nurses Becoming a Successful Online Student
Improving Student Learning Skills   Becoming a Successful Science Student
NADE Self-Evaluation Guides   One Packet of all Eight-Page Booklets