Introduction: Reading Skills

This section begins with a listing and description of the competencies included in the reading subtest along with some instruction to further illustrate the skills and knowledge needed to pass the GKT. It is suggested that you first familiarize yourself with the reading competencies and the examples given. Then try the first of the four sample reading tests. These tests contain the types of questions that can be expected on the actual General Knowledge Test.

The answers at the end of a reading practice test will show how well you understand the reading competencies and what must be learned to score well on the actual General Knowledge Test. Use these explanations to plan further study and improvement. Then try another sample test, review the answers, and improve the likelihood that similar questions will be correctly answered in the future.

With four sample tests in this program, a cycle of testing, reviewing, and improving can be repeated. Each cycle will improve your ability to pass the General Knowledge Test.

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