Writing for Success Overview

Textbook Objectives

Writing for Success will help college students:

Writing for Success gives students and professors the instruction and activities they need to achieve their objectives. The first four units on prewriting, paragraphs, essays, and rhetorical types implement current trends and practices in composition research. For example, they follow a process approach and include collaborative and computer activities.

  1. The design emphasizes and exercises the writing process consistently and continually from prewriting techniques through editing drafts.
  2. The complete instructions clearly explain how to write.
  3. The examples accurately model the concepts being instructed.
  4. The workbook format and the variety of exercises involve students in active instead of passive learning.(exercises progress in difficulty from recognition to imitation to application)
  5. The comfortably informal style and college-level content increase interest.

Furthermore, a continuous emphasis on revision results in a polished product. Units on sentence structure and grammar support the revising instruction and activities throughout the workbook. Every stage of the writing process includes improvement by revision.

  1. The positive approach emphasizes building better sentences instead of the negative approach of only correcting errors, fragment, run-on, and agreement errors exercised with sentence building.
  2. Step-by-step skill-building instruction and exercises strengthen the writing process.
  3. Paragraph and essay instruction regularly integrate attention to sentence structure.
  4. Exercises and practices provide extensive drill in skills.
  5. Sentence structure and grammar exercises use paragraphs or a series of continuous discourse sentences, not just unrelated sentences.

Writing for Success respects college students. It recognizes the maturity of their thoughts and interests. It values their time and effort, and it rewards them with improved writing skills. Ultimately, improved writing skills result in successful academic, career, and personal lives.


Supplementary Materials

The following materials will allow professors to individualize their instruction efficiently based on students' needs, to increase student accountability, and to make instruction relevant and interesting:


Mary Brown and Fred Hildebrand, Ph.D.

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1996, softcover, 564 pages