NADE Self-Evaluation Guides, 2nd Ed. Overview

Best Practice in Academic Support Programs

Self-Evaluation Guides represent a giant step toward increasing the professionalization of Developmental Education and Learning Assistance Programs. Readers will find the Guides helpful for planning, developing, maintaining, evaluating and improving their programs. Those who are facing an institution-wide accreditation review will be particularly grateful for these Guides as an aid to their self-study efforts.

NADE Guides include:

The Guide is separated into criteria for evaluating four aspects of your institution. The four sections of the Guide allow you to evaluate your own work situation in terms of program factors influencing:

Factors Influencing the Teaching/ Learning Process

   - by Karen Patty-Graham,
    Southern Illinois University Edwardsville
   - and Linda Thompson,
     Harding University

Developmental Coursework

   - by Jennifer Ferguson,
    Cazenovia College
   - and Jane Neuburger,
     Syracuse University

Tutoring Services

   - by Gladys Shaw,
     University of Texas at El Paso

Course-Based Learning Assistance

   - by David Arendale,
     University of Minnesota - Twin Cities


by the NADE Professional Standards & Evaluation Committee, Edited by Susan Clark-Thayer and Lisa Putnam Cole

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2009, softcover, 194 pages




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