Overview of TIA

The Technology and Internet Assessment (TIA) is a nationally normed, valid and reliable, Web administered self-assessment of computer literacy skills. The TIA is designed to determine strengths and weaknesses related to a basic understanding of computer, Internet, and information technology skills. The TIA focuses on eight areas that present barriers for individuals seeking employment and for those striving to succeed in our educational system. The results can be used to provide baseline information for academic instructors and counselors, workplace trainers, and social service professionals. The TIA was developed in response to the growing need to assess the technology skills that are critical for workplace and academic success.

The following criteria were used to develop the eight scales of the TIA:

The TIA is administered online in about 20-30 minutes. Immediately upon completion of the assessment by the student, a two-page report is displayed listing the percentile scores for each scale along with suggestions for improving each area.

Administrators of the TIA can view previously administered results as well as the status of their institution's account at any time on the Web. A detailed User's Manual is provided at no change with each order. It includes an overview of the TIA, a description of the eight scales, normative and reliability data, and directions for administrators.