Overview of START

The Strategic Assessment of Readiness for Training (START) is a powerful assessment tool designed to diagnose adults' learning strengths and weaknesses and to provide prescriptive information and guidelines for both trainers and learners. Each individual scale relates to an important aspect of an adult's readiness to profit from training and other learning experiences. The focus is on both covert and overt thinking, beliefs, and behaviors that relate to successful learning and that can be altered through educational interventions. START has excellent psychometric properties and is based on a model of strategic learning which represents the latest thinking of specialists in the areas of adult learning, cognition, and performance. More than 60 specialists nationwide participated in the development of START. These specialists included educational and cognitive psychologists, experts in adult development and education, experts and practitioners in human resource development, and professional trainers.


START was developed at the University of Texas at Austin by Claire E. Weinstein, Ph.D. and David R. Palmer, Ph.D.