Overview of LLO

The Learning and Study Strategies Inventory for Learning Online is an 11-scale, 88-item assessment of students’ awareness about and use of learning and study strategies related to skill (e.g., selecting main ideas and using cognitive learning strategies), will (e.g., maintaining motivation and having realistic goals), and self-regulation (e.g., time management and using a systematic approach to studying) components of strategic learning in online educational settings. In addition, a new scale has been added that does not appear on other versions of the LASSI. This new scale, the Communication Scale, was added because of the unique ways students, proctors, instructors or tutors interact in online environments. It is important that students understand and use these communication methods and tools so their attitudes about communicating online also contribute to their success.

The LASSI for Learning Online Scales:

The focus of the LASSI for Learning Online is on both covert and overt thoughts, behaviors, attitudes, motivations and beliefs that relate to and underlie successful learning in post-secondary online educational and training settings and that can be altered through educational interventions. Research has repeatedly demonstrated that these factors contribute significantly to success in college and that they can be learned or enhanced through educational interventions such as learning strategies and study skills courses.

The LASSI for Learning Online is both diagnostic and prescriptive. The LASSI for Learning Online provides standardized scores (percentile score equivalents) and national norms for eleven different scales (there is no total score reported because this is a diagnostic instrument). It provides students with a diagnosis of their strengths and weaknesses, compared to other college students, in the areas covered by the eleven scales, and it is prescriptive in that it provides feedback about areas where students may be weak and need to improve their knowledge, skills, attitudes, motivations and beliefs.