Additional Features — LASSI 3rd Edition

New Features

There are now 60 items whereas the 2nd Edition had 80, but we managed to reduce the amount by 25%, while maintaining the excellent psychometric qualities that assure validity and reliability.

There are still 10 scales, however the original Study Aids scale has been replaced by Using Academic Resources (UAR). This change was made in response to the growing importance of campus resources devoted to the support of individual students.

Improved feedback for students and administrators is evident in the changes made to the result pages in terms of appearance, wording, and value. Students and administrators will find information better arranged for easy access and understandability.

Four Additional Items! Four extra questions follow the 60 LASSI items. These extras ask about broader issues that do not fit under a single scale. These extras are not scored for the students, but administrators can see the responses. These extra questions allow us to raise broader concerns in a way that gives administrators and students opportunities to engage in an “appreciative inquiry” discussion.

Custom Account Options

  1. Customize the four additional items for your school. Gather the data that matters most to your program by using this customized option.
  2. Create a personal email message to send to your students upon completion of the LASSI.
  3. Create a custom page that can be shown to your students after they compete the LASSI.
  4. Make identification numbers and/or email addresses required for your students.
  5. Don't want your student to see their results immediately upon completion? The results are saved in our system so you can review them with your student at your convenience.
  6. Budget Restrictions? No Problem! A student purchase option is now available. Money is always tight in school budgets, but that obstacle can be easily overcome. Just set up your free LASSI account. When a student needs to take a LASSI, give the code for accessing your account. The student goes to the site, pays the fee, and takes LASSI. You and the student see all results, a discussion ensues, and plans are made for working on any weaknesses. No muss, no fuss, no ordering ahead, and no money handling.