Overview of INCLASS

INCLASS assesses student attitudes and behaviors related to academic learning. It is a self-assessment instrument designed to assess proficiency in seven competencies which affect student performance in the classroom: studying, test-taking, homework, collaborative learning, and the like. INCLASS is a diagnostic and prescriptive instrument. It provides information to the student being assessed while also giving teachers, counselors, and others a framework within which they can develop instructional and other interventions for students likely to have behavior patterns that might interfere with classroom success.

INCLASS is a statistically valid and reliable assessment, independently verified by Public Policy Associates. It assesses seven areas of academic style and skills. Most of them are changeable. INCLASS results will help students find which behaviors and habits they might want to keep and others they might want to change.

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Curtis Miles, Ed.D., Piedmont Technical College
Phyllis Grummon, Ph.D., Michigan State University